Dorte Bladt is coming to Denmark to teach Danish Chiropractors about Switched-on Kids. Please note that the course is for chiropractors only.


Switched-on Kids (SOK) is an examination and treatment protocol for children, especially those with learning, attention and/or behavioral difficulties.

Dorte Bladt has developed the protocol over many years working with children in chiropractic practice.

SOK assesses the function of the brain and nervous system demonstrated through movement patterns, balance, retained primitive reflexes and postural reflexes and uses this information to develop a specific treatment protocol. This protocol aims to improve higher cortical and cognitive function, working from ‘the bottom up’ in the nervous system, using chiropractic adjustments, cranial therapy, “primitive reflex technique”, sensory-motor integration, movement therapy and dietary advice.


• Definition of diagnoses of children with developmental delay.

• Review of brain development and function relevant to topic.

• Review of intra-uterine, primitive and postural reflexes.

• Neurobehavioural assessment of children.

• Chiropractic approach: cranial and retained primitive reflex techniques.

• Sensory motor integration, brain stimulation and exercise.

• Nutritional considerations including supplementation.

• Clinical implementation.


• Understanding the history, theory and definitions of children suffering learning, behavioural and coordination challenges, such as ADD, PDD-NOS etc.

• Understanding relevant neurological function.

• Understanding relevant neurological dysfunction.

• Competence in neurological assessment of children.

• Competence in relevant chiropractic techniques.

• Understanding intra-uterine, primitive and postural reflexes and their impact on function.

• Understanding and competence in relevant neuromuscular stimulation to support chiropractic approach.

• Understanding and competence in nutritional support chiropractic approach.

• Understanding the importance of relevant referrals.

SOK aims to add on to the skills the individual practitioner already possesses and is taught in a way to make it a Monday morning, ‘can do’ experience.



Lectures, workshops, activities


Dorte Bladt D.C.
Dorte Bladt runs a busy family practice in Newcastle, Australia. Holistic, wellness chiropractic care for children is a passion for Dorte, who specializes in caring for kids with learning, concentration and behaviour challenges.
She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1989, has a Certificate in Chiropractic Paediatrics and is currently undertaking a Certificate in Neurobehavioural disorders in Children in the USA.

Dorte has been teaching her Switched-on Kids seminars since 2006.


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