ESSR 2015

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Thursday, June 18
US Workshop (please order your ticket in your ESSR MyUserArea together with your registration for the ESSR Annual Scientific Meeting) ** SOLD OUT **
* Basic examination technique and ultrasound anatomy of the shoulder
* Advanced examination technique and ultrasound anatomy of the shoulder
* Dynamic maneuvers in the ultrasound assessment of the shoulder
* Injection techniques for the shoulder and ACJ
* Barbotage of the shoulder: How I do it
* Ultrasound diagnosis of cuff tear. How good or bad should we be?
* Ultrasound diagnosis of cuff tears
* The Acromioclavicular joint: Ultrasound diagnosis of pathology and intervention
* The long Head of Biceps: A primary cause of pathology or just a sign of problems elsewhere?
* Nerve lesions around the shoulder

+ Hands-On Sessions

Friday, June 19
* Shoulder – Rotator Cuff
* Trauma – How I do it
* Welcome Ceremony
* Shoulder – How I do it
* Tumours
* Lunch Symposium
* Shoulder – Articular disease & tumours
* Metabolic
* Scientific Paper Sessions

Saturday, June 20

* Shoulder – Instability
* Arthritis
* Technology / Techniques
* Shoulder – Trauma & Small joints
* Sports / other joints?
* ESSR Quiz
* Scientific Paper Sessions

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the 2015 ESSR Annual Meeting and Refresher Course delegates will be able to:
1. Identify the anatomy of normal MSK tissues, variants and mimickers of disease
2. Identify morphologic and imaging characteristics of MSK disease
3. Understand the imaging techniques available for diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions and their appropriate use.
4. Recognise the techniques available to the radiologist and their appropriate use for guided intervention
5. Describe the specific pathology that accounts for the appearance of osseous and soft tissues in the setting of trauma, overuse, metabolic, inflammatory/autoimmune and neoplastic conditions on various imaging modalities
6. Recognize the relationship of specific biomechanical activities, injuries and treatments to the appearance of joints, bone, and soft tissues on imaging.

A detailed preliminary programme will be online soon!