Based on the muscles included in our exciting new text ‘Dry Needling 101’, the objective of this course is to build a solid foundation for practitioners who would like to include dry needling as a treatment to patients.

This course is aimed primarily at the health care professional who wishes to obtain a grounding in dry needling, but also those familiar with the technique, requiring an update or refresher.

The basis of this course is ‘hands-on’. As such we will endeavour to provide each participants with as much practical application experience as possible.

It’s required to have obtained grounded knowledge of anatomy and physiology in order to assign this seminar. Please contact us if in doubt.


Course plan

9.00-9.15:Welcome and introduction
9.15-10.30:Diagnostic evaluation, precautions and needling technique demonstration
10.30-10.45:Coffee break
10.45-12.00:Workshop: Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid, Suraspinatus
12.30-14.00:Workshop: Levator Scapulae, Pectoralis Major, Biceps brachii, Quadratus Lumborum
14.15-16.00:Workshop: Gluteus Medius, Tensor Fasciae Latae, Gastrocnemius

Course facts

Date: March 13th 2016
Time: 9-16
Place: Nyborg
Price: 2.300 incl. VAT
Included: Coffee/tea. Special offers on products at the seminar!
Lecturer: Corrie Myburgh – Associate Professor Institute for Sport Science and Clinical Biomechanics, SDU & Kim Corfixen, Chiropractor
Language: English & Danish