Differential diagnosis, treatment and training for the cervical spine



Cervical spine syndromes are common and often disabling. Chiropractic physicians have the ability to provide optimum management, based on sound evidence.

The purpose of this course is to provide a model for diagnostic and treatment decision making and the skills required to put the model into practice. The course draws on the work of a variety of clinicians and scientists and applies the best available evidence from the scientific literature.

This is mainly a cervical course but headache and whiplash may also be addressed.


The essens of the course is:

• Differential diagnosis according to the clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain approach (the CRISP protocols).

• Identification of pain sources using pain provocation tests and end range loading strategies.

• Identification of multi-dimensional perpetuating factors, including dynamic instability, oculomotor dysfunction, central pain hypersensitivity and psychological factors.

• Formulating a multi-modal management strategy.

• Treatment of pain generators – identifying when and how to apply manipulation, end range loading, neural mobilization and myofascial therapy.

• Treatment of perpetuating factors, including stabilization training, oculomotor training, graded exposure and patient education.

• Patient management – putting it all together.



The goal is to clinically refresh your practice of chiropractic with thought provoking, evidence based concepts and skills. Participants should have a better appreciation of the multidimensional phenomena related to cervical spine care as well as dozens of new treatment skills.


The course is a combination of lecture, demonstration and practical sessions with the latter predominating.


Donald Murphy, DC, is a chiropractor from Rhode Island with postgraduate training in neurology. He is Clinical Assistant Professor at Alpert Medical School of Brown University and clinical director of the Rhode Island Spine Center.

Donald Murphy is in high demand from chiropractic groups world-wide, and has previously been received with great success here in Denmark.



Kent Højer Kristensen

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